Sunday, May 22

Music. Johnny Hallyday: an album and an unpublished song in stores this Friday

Attention Johnny Hallyday fans! This Friday, a box set entitled “Johnny 70” is released in stores. Four years after the death of the star singer, this reissue of his album “Vie” will be an opportunity to dive back into the early 1970s.

In total, the album contains about fifty tracks. the original 1970 album was remastered for the occasion, and increased with, in particular, an album of publicity songs or even a live performance given in Cambrai in September 1970.

A new title taken from the soundtrack of a western

Fans of the rocker will have another big surprise: a new title, created more than fifty years ago and remained in the boxes until today. The song named The specialist is an unreleased title taken from the soundtrack of a western in which the “youth idol” shot in 1969. After The night with me and two kinds of men, it is the third song made public after the death of the artist.

“Like a vulture, it soars. Black as a cassock. Without a friend, always alone. Sad as a shroud… We call him the specialist. Death is his job,” Johnny sings. The lyrics are by Georges Aber, the same who wrote Black is black.

It’s the radio RTL which unveiled a first excerpt from the title, before it was posted on Youtube: “It’s a surprise and a very good surprise. I thought that this title was lost forever and it is thanks to the research of the documentation department that we were able to get our hands on this archive. (…) It’s always great to find an archive that has been sleeping for so long in a bunker with a whole humidity and heat control system…”, declared to the radio the artistic director from Johnny Hallyday’s catalog at Universal, Xavier Perrot.

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