Wednesday, May 18

“My legs are saved”: the first words of pilot Philippe Boutron victim of an explosion on the Dakar

Seriously injured in the lower limbs during the explosion of his vehicle on the Dakar 2022 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the French pilot Philippe Boutron returned to this terrible accident.

This is reassuring news. And for good reason, the president of the US Orléans football club (National), repatriated to France on January 3 after his accident at the start of the Dakar 2022, avoided amputation.

“The situation is improving (..), I don’t know when I will be able to walk again exactly, but my legs are saved and that’s the main thing,” he said from the Percy military hospital in Clamart ( Hauts-de-Seine) during an interview at France Blue.

Placed in an artificial coma to relieve his pain before undergoing several skin grafts, the 61-year-old pilot will still have to undergo an operation next Monday. However, Philippe Boutron recognizes that his “morale is good”, despite a recovery that promises to be long and difficult.

An attack ?

“There was a big shock. (…) The bomb was placed under the floor, and I grabbed the floor under my legs,” said the Dakar driver. The national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office therefore opened an investigation on January 4 for attempted assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise.

Heard twice by the Directorate General of Internal Intelligence (DGSI), Philippe Boutron, surprised and sounded at the time of the explosion, is now certain that this is an attack.

And a second event sows doubt and reinforces the terrorist thesis. Indeed, the day after the accident of the French pilot, Camélia Liparoti’s assistance truck also caught fire following an explosion.

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