Monday, May 23

NBA CORNER: All-Star Game, Joel Embiid, Ayo Dosunmu, and the James Harden rumor

The NBA CORNER podcast receives Franck Yaylarian to talk about the results of the vote of the 10 incumbents for the All-Star Game on February 20 in Cleveland, and the emotion aroused by the presence of Andrew Wiggins among them.

How to explain the presence of the Warriors winger in this prestigious list? Franck and Josh point to the mechanisms and particularities of the process in order to explain this surprising result, but not scandalous either.

The conversation then moves on to the extraordinary season achieved by Joel Embiid, whose production on the pitch over the past two seasons testifies to the work done by the player in order to express his full potential.

In the final part of the podcast, Frank and Josh talk about Chicago Bulls rookie Ayo Dosunmu. A player selected in 38th position in the last Draft who shows an unusual maturity on both sides of the field. And transfer rumors concerning James Harden, and his possible desires to leave in the offseason, which the Nets and the player himself categorically refute.

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