Sunday, May 22

NBA: Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan will “never speak to each other again” announces Charles Oakley

According to former NBA player Charles Oakley, the relationship between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen – who won six league titles in the 1990s with the Chicago Bulls – is irretrievably broken.

A guest on American journalist Bill Simmons’ podcast, Jordan and Pippen’s former teammate at the Bulls in 1988 says the two men will never speak to each other again due to tensions sparked by the documentary series The Last Dance aired in 2020 on Netflix. “I think it’s over between them,” he says.

As a reminder, Scottie Pippen had openly expressed his frustration after watching the documentary series. The former Chicago Bulls winger believes The Last Dance epitomizes Michael Jordan’s over-the-top self-centeredness, and his need to nurture his image as the “greatest player of all time.”

Scottie Pippen’s image tarnished

Scottie Pippen also feels that his own image has been tarnished in the documentary series – where he is seen refusing to enter the field during a playoff game, or refusing to have surgery on an injury due to his dissatisfaction. with the managers about his contract – as well as the role played by the other members of the team has not been sufficiently highlighted.

“He feels that Michael Jordan would never have won six league titles without him,” Charles Oakley said of Scottie Pippen. Personal friend of Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley believes that Michael Jordan has no intention of addressing his former teammate’s frustrations. “He’s just going to carry on as usual. Play golf, fish, relax, and smoke cigars,” he says.

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