Monday, May 23

Presidential 2022: Marion Maréchal will not support Marine Le Pen and hesitates to join Eric Zemmour

Will Marion Maréchal engage in the presidential campaign or not? One certainty: it will not return to the National Rally.

“I experienced seven years of party discipline, which I experienced badly, even if I don’t regret anything. My nature is not to recite elements of language”, she thus underlined.

If she does not want to return to the RN, Marion Maréchal should not support her aunt either, to whom she blames her ideological changes.

Towards support for Eric Zemmour?

However, the former MP does not draw a line under politics. According to Le Parisien, she would even hesitate to join Eric Zemmour, who continues to siphon off the RN. “I’m thinking. No decision has been made,” she told our colleagues.

“I don’t know who is best. The campaign is still long. Éric Zemmour has a greater margin of progression among the working classes and abstentionists than Marine Le Pen among the upper classes, ”added the director of Issep, while her aunt on Wednesday ruled out such a rapprochement between her niece and her son. rival.

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