Sunday, May 15

Presidential: Jean-Marie Le Pen wants to speak “in the coming days” to Marine Le Pen and Marion Maréchal

Marion Maréchal told Le Parisien, Thursday, January 27, not to support her aunt in the presidential election “whatever the scenario”. “It’s brutal, it’s violent, it’s difficult for me,” replied Marine Le Pen this Friday morning on CNEWS. A tense situation that prompted Jean-Marie Le Pen to break the silence.

Shortly after Marine Le Pen expressed her “political incomprehension” vis-à-vis the choice of Marion Maréchal: “if I told you that it does not affect me, no one would believe me”, she notably admitted, Jean-Marie Le Pen thus declared, on Twitter, to want to quickly meet his daughter and his granddaughter.

“I would like to speak in the coming days with Marine Le Pen and Marion Maréchal. I will express my thoughts later when I deem it useful for the clarity of the presidential and legislative debates to come, ”he wrote on the social network.

The specter of rallying to Eric Zemmour

While Eric Zemmour, the candidate for Reconquest! and main adversary of Marine Le Pen, stacks the rallies from the RN, all eyes are now on Marion Maréchal to find out if she will in turn join, or not, the campaign of the former polemicist.

Officially withdrawn from political life since May 2017, the former deputy of Vaucluse indeed seems to cast doubt on her intentions.

Praising the fact that Eric Zemmour “has made a lot of progress in posture, tone, seriousness”, she says at the same time that she does not “want to recreate family fractures” within the Le Pen clan.

But, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s granddaughter also says she is “thinking” about supporting Eric Zemmour in his race for the Elysée, even though her aunt reminded her that she had also declared that she would support the candidate of the right best placed to reach the second round.

However “I am undoubtedly much better placed today than Eric Zemmour since I am given in the second round […] and the ability to win against Emmanuel Macron,” insisted Marine Le Pen.

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