Wednesday, May 18

Rape, assaults and sectarian aberrations: a call for witnesses launched in France to bring down a dangerous guru

A call for witnesses was launched on Friday by the national police to find victims as part of an investigation opened in particular for rape and sexual assault targeting the leader of the sectarian movement “Shamanism of origin”.

The central office for the repression of violence against persons (OCRVP, dependent on the central direction of the judicial police) has been seized of an investigation which concerns this movement with “sectarian drift and mental influence”. He is looking for victims linked to the movement and its leader.

Cyrille Adam, known as the “White Wolf”, at the head of this movement is suspected in particular by the OCRVP of sexual assault, rape and abuse of the weakness of people in a state of psychological subjection. “The unit for assistance and intervention in matters of sectarian aberrations (Caimades) would like to collect new testimonies on this movement, as well as on its leader“, indicates the call for witnesses, also broadcast on Twitter by the national police.

If you have been in contact with this teaching or with Cyrille Adam, you can reach the following address: [email protected] or or“, adds the OCRVP in this call, specifying that some victims have already testified.

On the website of the movement “Chamanisme de l’origne”, Cyrille Adam is described as “shaman-yogi”. “The mere fact of bathing in his physical presence is a spiritual grace. This grace also passes through the shamanic music he composes at the time. This is the essence of shamanism from the origin“, indicates the site.

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