Tuesday, May 24

Sword: unexpected Olympic champion, Cannone starts again

Happy as ever, crowned with an unexpected Olympic gold, the young swordsman Romain Cannone begins the year 2022 with a World Cup this weekend in Doha (Qatar), with a new status and the firm desire to conquer new securities.

After an end-of-year family vacation in Brazil, the 24-year-old champion went back to training hard, surrounded by a new team at the French Fencing Federation led by Hugues Obry, to gain in maturity. and meet its future objectives, with the Worlds in July in Cairo in sight.

“My priorities are to redo titles, world champion, European champion, world number 1”, explains to AFP Romain Cannone, met on the occasion of the Stars of Sport in Tignes (Savoie).

“The goal is to win the World Cup because I have the goal of going to the Games (in 2024). I have to be more stable because, as they say, it’s hard to stay all the time at the highest level. And to be affirmed. That’s the goal. But the dream still now, I’m like a child, it’s 2024, “he continues.

His childhood dream, he already lived it last summer in Japan. A last-minute individual holder to make up for Daniel Jérent’s package, he defeated all his opponents to become the first Frenchman to win Olympic gold at the 2020 Olympics and the first men’s swordsman for 29 years.

“You get on the highest cloud when you win the Games, you really feel like you’re floating, you don’t even need to eat. I only slept for two hours after winning, because you’re actually high, your brain is going a thousand miles an hour, you’re all happy”, recalls the 24-year-old athlete, who was quick to resume training, two weeks after his title.

– “Ring around the head” –

“I didn’t want to put myself above my teammates who are also great champions. Paris-2024, it’s going to happen quickly, it’s a lot of things to put in place. As a result, it quickly comes down (on On the other hand, it’s true that you have a status in competition, you have this ring around your head. Some are afraid of you but at the same time, it gives confidence to others to fight you “, he confides.

Romain Cannone knew how to keep a cool head despite the many requests that fell on him. Almost erected to the rank of star, this swordsman who follows business studies no longer went unnoticed.

“I was recognized a lot when I came back. Must say that I had a big beard! But I didn’t want to have my hair cut in the Olympic village (in Tokyo), just in case, with the Covid. But there, I I cut it a little, fortunately”, says this native of the Parisian suburbs who grew up in New York before joining the pole of Reims and who now lives with his brother.

In addition to popularity, the coronation at the Olympics allowed him to win a CIP (professional integration agreement) reserved for top athletes. And he should “surely” have a clothing sponsor. A good omen for the young man whose main sponsors were until then… his parents!

His Olympic gold earned him a bonus of 65,000 euros, which he has yet to do.

“I’m going to try to put this money, maybe in an apartment with my brother. But I’m not very materialistic, it’s more the moments that interest me, so maybe a trip. When I have to Maybe after Paris 2024”, says Cannone, who, if he wins Olympic gold again, will then take “a boat to go around the world!”


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