Sunday, May 22

The relationship between Marion Maréchal and Marine Le Pen is withering

Marion Maréchal will not support her aunt Marine Le Pen in the presidential election. She told the press to lean more on the side of Eric Zemmour.

Remarks that may have surprised, especially on the side of the president of the National Rally, since just a few months ago, last November, she nevertheless declared that she would line up behind the candidate who was better placed at the approach of the presidential election.

However, for the time being, the polls all give Marine Le Pen ahead of Eric Zemmour, even benefiting from a gap of several points (17% against 13%, during the OpinionWay barometer for CNEWS, published Thursday).

Marion Maréchal therefore seems to have changed her mind. “Coherence, vision, strategy make me lean towards Eric Zemmour. For sure. But there is a family subject,” she admitted.

For her part, her aunt Marine Le Pen seems affected by the position taken. “If I tell you it doesn’t affect me, I don’t think anyone would believe me,” she said on CNEWS. “It’s brutal, it’s violent, it’s difficult for me.”

In order to avoid seeing the family tear apart, Jean-Marie Le Pen announced that he wanted to speak with the two women, his daughter and his granddaughter. A role of mediator that he will have to negotiate as well as possible in order to appease the tensions which appeared this Friday.

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