Tuesday, May 24

Therefore, they are considering going apart: – Have thought a lot about it

Karpe has “rounded the game” as a pop star in Norway. Is there more to be gained for two Norwegian rappers? In the project “Omar Sheriff” there are no boundaries. It may be their last.

When you shovel (watch) Carp, you shovel the throne, they write in their latest release. – It is more of a genre move than how reality feels. You always have challenges you do not get on top of, says Chirag Rashmikant Patel (37).

They were two young men, reaching for their idols. There were music videos on beaches. Simple metaphors. Resistance was «rain». “He is wearing make-up.”

Now they are two grown men, trying to outdo themselves again. Maybe it’s enough now, they admit. Maybe the album “Omar Sheriff” will be their latest release. The album with an associated film universe where they dream away in a sci-fi world. With references so narrow that they have struggled to keep up with each other’s text lines in the studio.

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