Saturday, May 21

TikTok: the new home of Islamism?

On the TikTok application, Muslim influencers reach a large audience with ultra-short videos dedicated to teaching religion. Some accounts promoting a strict approach to Islam are very popular with young people.

The objective of these videos: to remind what is permitted or not by religion. Short, dynamic and attractive, they are aimed at believers but increasingly affect a wider circle.

In a newspaper survey The cross, young people say they want to convert or have converted to Islam after viewing this content. A young woman explains that she was seduced by a charismatic Muslim influencer, whom she describes as “captivating”. If Christian accounts also exist, “it was the Muslims who challenged me”, she testifies.

Risk of isolation

Problem, some of these accounts disseminate a rigid, even rigorous vision of Islam. “The main danger of his videos is to isolate those who watch them. They risk converting to a version of Islam that will alienate them and disconnect them from the rest of society, ”analyzes Arnaud Lacheret, doctor of political science and specialist in Islam.

The Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalization also tries to address young people but only has 6,000 subscribers against more than a million for certain Muslim influencers.

For its part, TikTok claims to remove any content that does not respect its community rules.

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