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United States. She wanted to get her money’s worth at the all-you-can-eat buffet and ends up in the hospital

The first TikTok video, posted on December 22, shows the impressive meal this American gulped down that night at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. In the following video, posted the next day, we see her in the hospital with a catheter in her arm. “You’re probably wondering how I got here…” she quips in the video.

Danielle Shapiro, 24 ans, told the New York Post what happened to him between these two videos, the second of which has been seen by more than eleven million people. That evening, she had paid 50 dollars, or 44 euros, for unlimited sushi in a restaurant in Mountain View, California. To make the price profitable, she ate as much sushi as possible: 32 precisely, multiple varieties, but also miso soup and gyozas.

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Severe stomach pains

“The meal lasted about two hours because we couldn’t take it so much that we had to take breaks all the time,” she told the New York Post. After the gargantuan dinner, she spent the night at her boyfriend’s house and started feeling stomach pains. “But I didn’t ask myself too many questions because I had just eaten a lot! »

However, when she woke up at dawn the next day with even greater pain, she knew there was a problem. Her chest also hurt and she had difficulty breathing. Driven to the hospital by her boyfriend and her grandmother, she was given painkillers to treat her acid reflux.

It took him several days to recover. This bad experience will not prevent her from returning to an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, she told the New York Post, but she will go a little less strong the next time.

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