Monday, May 23

Cycling: Egan Bernal assures that his accident could have made him “lose his life”

The Colombian climber of the Ineos team, Egan Bernal, winner of the Tour de France in 2019, “nearly lost his life” in a serious accident he suffered on Monday January 24. He assures that this accident would have had a “95% chance” of making him paraplegic.

“Today I want to thank God, the La Sabana clinic, all its specialists who have achieved the impossible, and my family,” the Colombian runner expressed in a January 28 tweet. Several of his vertebrae were affected, as well as the right femur and kneecap.

Two new operations took place on Friday

The La Sabana University Clinic, where Bernal is hospitalized, said the cyclist underwent two new operations on Friday, to treat fractures to his right hand and jaw. According to the doctors at the clinic, Bernal is recovering well and without complications. However, the cyclist should not be able to get back on a bike for several months, at least until 2023.

His serious accident thus compromises his season, Bernal intended to return to the Tour de France next summer to win again.

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