Monday, May 23

In Florida, “iguana rains” are feared due to the cold

Temperatures in Florida are expected to drop sharply this weekend, which could cause iguanas to become lethargic or even die.

On the American television channel WFTV Channel 9, Brian Shields alerted his fellow citizens to “Possible iguana falls this weekend, especially Sunday.” According to the presenter, the cold causes the bodies of animals to slow down, which ends up making them immobile and therefore they can fall from trees.


According to Sarah Funck, a member of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in USA Today “Iguanas recover quite quickly when temperatures rise.”

This is why it alerts the population not to collect, under any circumstances at home, iguanas rendered immobile by the cold. “Iguanas are wild animals, once they have recovered and warmed up, they can be defensive,” says Sarak Funck. Iguanas have sharp teeth and claws and a long tail that they could use for protection which can pose a risk.”

If you come across one, the best advice is to leave it alone until it regains color!

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