Saturday, May 21

Jubillar case: American justice ordered Google to provide GPS data from Cédric’s phone

New twist in the case of the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar. American justice has ordered the giant Google to communicate to the French gendarmerie the GPS data of the phone of his companion Cédric. Information that could help redirect the search to find the body of the victim.

According to Parisian, the GPS data history accessible on Cédric Jubillar’s Android phone and linked to his Google account had been blocked since 2020.

During the first hearings, the latter had blocked access to his account under pressure from investigators, following a series of false maneuvers. Cédric Jubillar had indeed indicated to them on several occasions a wrong answer to his security question to find a new password.

The French investigating judges had made a “request for international assistance” with the justice system in the United States to obtain this precious data.

A new area soon to be excavated

After consulting the GPS data, the gendarmerie announced the reorientation of the excavations, carried out since January 17 around a farm in Cagnac-les-Mines in the Tarn. Thus, a new area near the Saint-Dalmaze cemetery, not far from the couple’s home, is about to be searched by investigators, because of its occurrence in the data.

This new excavation campaign must continue for a month. Investigators are relying heavily on this research to find the body of the 33-year-old nurse and mother whose husband, Cédric Jubillar, is indicted for murder. The painter-plasterer, who claims his innocence, has been detained in the Seysses remand center, near Toulouse, since June 18, 2021.

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