Monday, May 23

LIVE – Covid-19: The expiration time after an infection will be reduced from 6 to 4 months from February 15

As hospital pressure stabilizes, the government unveiled the timetable for the easing of restrictive measures on Thursday January 20. Follow here all the news related to the health situation in France and around the world.


The Directorate General of Health (DGS) announces that the recovery certificate obtained after a positive test will only allow you to keep your vaccination pass for four months following the second dose, compared to six months currently. The new rule will be applied on February 15.


The vaccination pass will be extended to French Polynesia from February 8 for all people aged 16 and over, according to a decree from the High Commissioner of the Republic published in the Official Journal in this overseas community.

This vaccination pass will replace the health pass required for travel between Tahiti and the other Polynesian archipelagos, concerts and discotheques, exhibitions and fairs welcoming more than 50 exhibitors, fairgrounds with more than 30 stands, or even most activities. and cultural, artistic, dancing and festive events.

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