Sunday, May 22

Norwegian Olympic personnel tested positive in Beijing

Three people in the support apparatus of the Norwegian Olympic team gave positive corona tests in China. Everyone has recently had covid-19.

There were chaotic conditions for Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Olympic athletes, support staff, coaches and the press at the baggage claim at the airport in Beijing on Friday.

Cross-country manager Espen Bjervig strives to get all his luggage on the right bus to Zhangjiakou.

This is stated by Olympiatoppen in a press release. Two of the positive samples arrived on arrival in Beijing, while the third appeared the following day.

The trio has been quarantined pending negative responses. What they have in common is that they have recently had corona. According to the Olympic Summit, the tests would not have been declared positive in Norway.

– We experience that there are challenges associated with the handling of people who have previously undergone covid-19, and for that reason have virus residues in the body. Other nations report the same. We are now in dialogue with the IOC about this, says Olympiatoppen’s chief physician Aasne Fenne Hoksrud.

She emphasizes that none of the three corona positives have symptoms.

In China, the CT requirement is stricter than in Europe. CT value is a measure of how many cycles you run in the test before you get a positive result. Simply explained, this means that a lot of virus in the sample gives a low CT value. Chinese rules state that the value must be 35 or higher.

Seven people in the Norwegian support apparatus are defined as close contacts. Everyone can do their work tasks, but must keep a good distance and be in their own hotel room when they are not working.

– Everyone in the Norwegian squad lives in their own little infection control bubble, that is, to wear a bandage and keep their distance. Being defined as close contact, therefore, hardly has consequences for their ability to perform their tasks, but we are of course extra careful in such a situation. None of the close contacts have symptoms, and they are tested twice a day, says Hoksrud.

Norway sent the first athletes to the Olympics on Thursday. On Monday, a new charter flight from Gardermoen to Beijing.

The Olympics start on February 4.

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