Wednesday, May 18

Politics. “Assassin”, “rotten” … Jean Castex taken to task by antivax in Grenoble

The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was taken to task this Saturday in Grenoble by a dozen antivax demonstrators, tells Le Dauphiné released.

“Castex in prison”, “Assassin”, “Shame of France”, “rotten”… Insults rang out as the Prime Minister came to meet residents of the priority neighborhoods of the Essarts city policy (QPV) and from La Villeneuve to Echirolles.

They were antivax activists, who had joined in with yellow vests.

If there was no physical violence, “Jean Castex finally shortened his visit, the planned visit to the Jean-Philippe Motte gymnasium was thus canceled”, explain our colleagues.

The Prime Minister had come to Isère to chair this Saturday noon in Grenoble an Interministerial Committee for the City.

Grenoble is not “a zoo”, criticizes mayor Eric Piolle

He also faced residents complaining of “degraded” buildings, apartments infested with bedbugs and the closure of local shops. “The neighborhood is dying, we have nothing left. Even to go to a tobacconist, you have to travel several kilometres, “said a resident. The Prime Minister replied “to understand that there is exasperation, expectations. I am here to observe, to listen, but also to say that we are moving forward”.

The day before, the environmentalist mayor of Grenoble, Eric Piolle, had castigated this trip “of a skewer of ministers who come to have a meeting that they could have in Paris [et qui] take the cities of France for a zoo”.

Sustained learning holidays

The committee, which is being held a year after the last one organized in Grigny (Essonne), aimed to “see the progress” of urban renewal, associative and educational projects launched thanks to an additional investment of 3.3 billion euros. , including 1.1 billion from the recovery plan.

Regarding concrete announcements, Jean Castex announced “extend and strengthen” the Educational City of Echirolles-Grenoble, and label 74 other Cities to reach a total of 200 throughout the territory.

Il Castex also announced the continuation of the “learning vacation” model for the next summer vacation.

The Prevention Battalions, which bring together educators and mediators in priority neighborhoods, will see their resources extended for an additional year, until December 31, 2023.

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