Sunday, May 22

Presidential 2022. Yannick Jadot’s green and social program

Summon past victories to revive today’s green campaign. Saturday in Lyon, Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate for the presidential election, presented his presidential program, surrounded by “the French ecology team”, Grégory Doucet, the environmental mayor of the city, Eric Piolle, that of Grenoble and the other elected victors in the municipal elections of 2020, in duplex. With one objective, to make “concrete ecology” credible and the slogan written in white on a green background: “Let’s change! »

Struggling in the polls for the presidential election of April 10 and 24, the environmental candidate called for the card of “seriousness”, climate and “social justice” to mobilize voters. While trying to put a touch of humor in his speech to respond to the recurring criticism that is made to him, of a smooth, even dull campaign.

Nationalized EDF, end of VAT on organic…

For an hour, Yannick Jadot developed his “possible project”, with green markers, and on the left. Among its 120 measures, a gradual exit from nuclear power, the renationalization of EDF, the recognition of the crime of ecocide. “If you have Total shares, now is the time to get rid of them,” he says, ironically to the room full of activists. But also incentives for public transport (5.5% VAT on public transport, bicycle plan, ban on the sale of vehicles with combustion engines in 2030), a 55% drop in French greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the limitation of pesticides, the mobilization of French savings for the ecological transition, the restoration of wealth tax with ecological modulation, and the structuring of corporate tax with a bonus -malus: “the most virtuous will pay less, the most polluting will pay more”, pleads Yannick Jadot.

VAT on organic products will be abolished. President of the climate, he also presents himself as that of nature with the end of industrial farming, the creation of a ministry dedicated to animal rights, and a defender of nature.

Minimum wage at 1,400 euros, end of for-profit EHPADs, public hiring

“Ecology is gardening and social justice”. The environmentalist candidate promises an energy check multiplied by four to low-income households. And the “creation of a citizen’s income that will leave no one below the poverty line”. It will be “automatic from the age of 18”. After the Orpéa scandal, he will ban new for-profit EHPADs. If he wins, the Smic will be immediately increased to 1400 euros net. Objective: “to allow everyone to have a dignified life”. In our country, “a poor person lives 13 years less than a rich person”, denounces Yannick Jadot.

He promises massive hiring in public services (police, hospital, school) and a 20% increase in teachers’ salaries. It will limit the installation of doctors in areas already provided: “it is no longer possible to have entire territories without doctors”.

To finance his program, Yannick Jadot will play on taxation, with in particular the creation of “a climate tax on wealth for estates over 10 million euros” and an increase in “inheritance tax of more than two million euros

In a firm and offensive tone, Yannick Jadot reaffirmed his ambition. “We want to govern. We are ready because the French are ready”, affirms the candidate who returns back to back “the left, the right” who “did nothing”. Faced with the climate emergency, he presents himself as the only alternative: “I will be the president of ecology”. And the holder of a new form of degagism: let’s change, it’s “let’s release the climate skeptics, the climate cynics from the ministries! “.

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