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The 5 best detective series to watch in 2022

As with each new school year, many series, especially detective ones, are awaited by fans. Here are the five that should grab your attention the most.

“Ozark” – January 21, 2022

The first part of the fourth and final season of “Ozark” is finally available on Netflix. Marked by a particularly eventful end of season 3, the fans were stamping their feet with impatience. On the casting side, we find the various key protagonists of the series: the children of Marty and Wendy, now more involved, the young rebel Ruth, or the terrifying Darlene Snell. Not to mention the presence of the cartel and the FBI. As the trailer announces: “No one gets out clean. Now, Wendy and Marty are central members of the cartel, and must work together for better or for worse. In the trailer, we see that they become the real messengers of Navarro, and try to minimize the material and human damage…

“Reacher” – February 4, 2022

The new Amazon Prime detective series, “Reacher”, hits the platform on February 4. It is based on the series of books “Jack Reacher”, by Lee Child. Alan Ritchson, in the main role, embodies a soldier who has deliberately retired from the army. This first season has eight episodes and takes up the plot of the first novel in the series, “From the bottom of the abyss”, as reported by our colleagues from Media Plus. Despite himself, Jack Reacher will find himself involved in a murder case, leading him into a series of adventures…

«The Endgame» – 21 février 2022

Second novelty: “The Engdame”. The series, presented as an explosive thriller, is a creation of Nicholas Wootton (“Scorpion”) and Jake Coburn (“Quantico”). We follow the character of Elena Federova, “a recently captured international arms dealer and criminal mastermind who, even in captivity, orchestrates a number of coordinated bank robberies.” Val Turner, an FBI agent, will stop at nothing to foil her plan.

“Tokyo Vice” – current 2022

Fans of the eponymous novel will be delighted. Indeed, Jake Adelstein’s work will be adapted into a series (broadcast on HBO and Canal+) during 2022. The story focuses on the daring adventures of young reporter Jake Adelstein, who officiates as a reporter in Tokyo, in the largest newspaper in the country. At the same time, he collaborates with the local police to help them investigate and hunt down outlaws, as well as with… the local mafia. A particularly complicated situation.

«Landscapers» – courant 2022

This miniseries, which will also be released on HBO and Canal+ during the year, tells the story of a couple, Christopher and Susan. The duo agree to kill the parents of the latter, and think of the perfect plan. They then bury their remains in their garden, before emptying the bank accounts of the deceased to lead their dream life. Problem: their crime is discovered ten years later…

as a Bonus: the French mini-series “A so long night”

Broadcast in preview on Salto last December, the series “A so long night” has already started its broadcast on TF1. If the scenario is not unknown to you, it is normal: it is the French adaptation of the British series “Criminal Justice” by Peter Moffat, broadcast across the Channel between 2008 and 2009. In France, it is on Canal+ in 2010, then on France 4 in 2014, that it has already been shown. It is now the turn of TF1 to offer its version. The story is simple: Sami, a 19-year-old student, borrows his father’s taxi one evening to leave for a party. That night, he meets Gloria, a young woman he falls in love with, and goes on alcohol, drugs, and sex. Sami wakes up in the early morning and is horrified to discover Gloria’s mutilated body beside him. But what happened?


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