Thursday, May 26

This man gets a more central role in Rosenborg

From a 20 percent position as a physiologist, Ulrik Wisløff will become the leader of the physical and medical team in RBK.

Ulrik Wisløff observes from the bottom of RBK’s training sessions this week.

– Are they going to run today?

Assistant coach Geir Frigård is about to end the football training, gets an affirmative nod and goes out to the players again.

Those who confirm are a small group led by Ulrik Wisløff. The NTNU professor joined Rosenborg last year in a 20 percent position as a physiologist.

When the run-up a year later is underway, it is the leader of the entire physical and medical gang in RBK, or FysMed as they call it.

– There will not be a one hundred percent position. I do not want to quit my job at NTNU, but it will be significantly more than last year, says Wisløff, who among other things will join when the team travels to Gran Canaria on Saturday.

New team

He has now got to put together a team that will work with the physical aspect:

  • Vetle Veierød has been brought in as a physical trainer. He has been a student at Wisløff for two years. – I know what he stands for, says Wisløff.
  • Olav Aas has been brought in as a doctor. He has a background as a sports medicine, has studied medicine at NTNU and has been a club doctor in Ranheim.
  • Arve Næss Kjøsnes and Ole Næss are also physiotherapists.
  • In addition, two master’s students in sports physiology are in the field to measure load.

– Then I will be a kind of mentor for Peder Lindsetmo (physically training the academy). We want to influence more towards the academy and run many of the same plans as the A-team – something adapted of course, he says.

Wisløff is recognized for his work as leader of the research group CERG (Cardiac Exercise Research Group), and has done a lot of research on football and physics in context.

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