Friday, May 27

United States. Man arrested in New York after driving his car into Taylor Swift’s building

New York police announced on Friday the arrest of a 30-year-old man who drove his car into the building of pop superstar Taylor Swift overnight in order to return home.

Morgan Mank, 31, from the state of Virginia, was arrested after driving the wrong way on a street in the Tribeca neighborhood in lower Manhattan, the New York residence of the American singer. from 32 years old to nearly 200 million followers on Instagram.

According to the police report consulted by AFP, around 3 a.m. Friday “witnesses claim to have seen a man in a car driving in the wrong direction on Franklin Street and hitting a residential building”, where Taylor Swift lives. The suspect then “got out of his vehicle, approached the building and tried unsuccessfully to force entry to a secure door”.


Morgan Mank was hospitalized for examination, according to the police who did not confirm hostile remarks towards the star that he would have uttered.
It’s not the first time the award-winning pop star has been targeted by those she has called “stalkers”, “one of her biggest fears”, and against whom she wants to protect herself.

In 2019 in Elle magazine, she wrote that there were “enough stalkers trying to break into (her)” that she felt compelled to “prepare for something bad to happen.”

Another man in New York, Roger Alvarado, has been arrested several times in recent years for attempting to break into Taylor Swift’s house in Manhattan.

In June 2019, a suspected burglar from Iowa was arrested in Rhode Island, where the singer has a home, with a project and a baseball bat to “visit” him.

The superstar won a lawsuit in 2017 against David Mueller, a DJ she accused of sexual assault.

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