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Yannick Jadot in Lyon: the EELV candidate wants to be “the president of ecology and the power to live”

After Christiane Taubira and Anne Hidalgo, it was Yannick Jadot’s turn to hold a meeting from Lyon, this Saturday January 29. In conquered Rhone territory, the presidential candidate EELV unveiled the main lines of his program “An ecological Republic”.

This day placed in the seal of ecology had started with a speech by Grégory Doucet, EELV mayor of Lyon, around 3 p.m., before a round table of green mayors, moderated by Eric Piolle, mayor of Grenoble, and Yasmine Bouagga, mayor of the 1st arrondissement of Lyon.

On the menu of this meeting: “The Republic of the territories: how are we already changing France?”.

Then, at 4 p.m., the presidential candidate unveiled, as agreed, his program from the Confluence district, in the 2nd arrondissement, claiming to want to be “the president of ecology and the power to live.”

Facing “the greatest challenge in the history of humanity”

Its program is thus essentially devoted to “finally acting on the climate”. Among his flagship measures, Yannick Jadot intends to shut down at least 10 nuclear reactors by 2035 with the ultimate goal of zero nuclear power. Instead, he wants to massively develop renewable energies with the installation of 6,000 wind turbines and the replacement of existing wind turbines to strengthen them by 2027.

Yannick Jadot also wants to invest 10 billion euros per year in the thermal renovation of energy strainer housing, so that low-income households benefit from a “zero charge rest”.

Another emblematic measure relates to mobility. Yannick Jadot wants to ban the sale of new vehicles using fossil fuel in 2030. He also wants to invest an additional four billion euros in the train to open or maintain small lines. And for air, domestic flights will be prohibited for any journey that can be made in less than four hours by train.

On the agriculture side, the candidate wants to introduce the “zero artificialization of soil” rule in construction, protect animal rights, ban cage farming. Similarly, the MEP calls for the transformation of agriculture towards a peasant model.

A social component

On the job, the EELV candidate wants a 10% increase in the minimum wage to reach 1,500 euros net in 2027, with a revaluation of the index point. At the same time, he asks for the opening of wage negotiations by branch.

On the education side, the candidate wants a “refoundation of the school” with the recruitment of 65,000 teachers, while increasing the country’s teachers “by 20%.”

In the field of Health, Yannick Jadot also intends to launch an emergency plan for public hospitals by decreeing a recovery of the debt of state hospitals. Because after more than two years of health crisis, the environmental candidate is calling for an increase in the number of beds available, according to the real needs of the population.

Finally, one billion euros will be released in the fight against domestic violence. And to this is added his desire to make parental leave identical for both parents, ie sixteen weeks, eight of which are compulsory.

A gloomy start to the campaign in the polls

Ten weeks before the first round, the EELV presidential candidate is still low in the polls. The latest OpinionWay-Kéa Partners barometer credits Yannick Jadot with 5% of the vote, Tuesday January 25.

At the same time, Yannick Jadot is one of the seven candidates submitted to the vote of the popular Primary which is taking place at the moment, and until tomorrow, Sunday January 30. And this, while he refused to participate. Just like Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) and Anne Hidalgo (PS).

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