Tuesday, May 17

Brice Hortefeux: “In the next 10 years, France will be expelled from the top 10 world powers”

Brice Hortefeux, MEP and former Interior Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, was the guest of the Grand Rendez-vous on CNEWS. He notably returned to the balance sheet of Emmanuel Macron.

And the least we can say is that he is not kind to the President of the Republic. “The reality is the failure of Emmanuel Macron, he believes. A social failure […], a migratory failure […], a security failure […], a failure in matters of indebtedness, in matters of education […].»

“We need an alternation”

“The conclusion I draw […] it is that, with this same policy, with these same teams, in the ten years to come, France will be expelled from the ten leading world powers”, assures Brice Hortefeux.

To avoid this scenario, the former minister is convinced that the solution lies in the presidential election to come next April: “we need a work-study program and this work-study program is Valérie Pécresse”, he pleads.

And for the Republican candidate to win, she must bring together the different currents existing in her camp. “To win the race, she has to walk on her two legs, estie Brice Hortefeux. A royal leg and at the same time a social leg.


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