Tuesday, May 17

Coronarivus – School closures and quarantines lead to a rise in temporary unemployment

(Belga) Six percent of Belgian workers were forced to stay at home due to temporary unemployment at the end of December, twice as many as at the low point in September 2021 (3.1%), the service provider said in a statement on Sunday. HR Acerta. A phenomenon that is due to the numerous school closures and the quarantines imposed on children.

Unlike the first waves of coronavirus, during which employers were forced to put their staff on temporary unemployment due to lack of work, this time it is the workers who are asking for more temporary unemployment due to the closure of schools or the quarantine of their children. , notes Acerta. Between March 2020 and December 2021, almost a third of workers (31.9%) resorted to corona temporary unemployment. The rate had fallen to 3.1% last September, but since then it has gradually risen, to 3.3% in October, to 4.9% in November and finally to 6% in December. Acerta’s analysis is based on real data from a set of 260,000 workers employed by more than 4,0000 employers in the private sector, which includes both SMEs and large companies. (Belga)


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