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Covid-19: All you need to know about the recovery certificate

Issued to people who have been infected with the coronavirus, the Covid-19 recovery certificate is one of the possible proofs for obtaining a health or vaccination pass. Its duration will soon be reduced.

What is the Certificate of Reinstatement?

To obtain a valid vaccination pass, you must be able to provide proof of complete vaccination and on time. A coronavirus infection is considered equivalent to a vaccine booster dose. Thus, having proof of a Covid-19 infection is accepted proof for obtaining the pass.

The recovery certificate is therefore issued after having tested positive for Covid-19, thanks to an RT-PCR or antigenic test. This document cannot be issued with a positive self-test, but only after a screening carried out by a health professional (medical biology laboratory, pharmacy, general practitioner, etc.)

How long is it valid?

Until now, the Covid-19 recovery certificate was valid from 11 days after infection and up to six months after. However, the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that the validity period would be reduced to four months from February 15. This decision will apply to all certificates, including those issued before this deadline.

According to ministry estimates, about seven million people who have not been vaccinated or who have not had their booster dose could lose their vaccination pass on February 15. On this date, the duration between the previous injection and the booster dose will also be reduced to four months, against seven previously, to keep your pass.

How to get it?

To recover your Covid-19 recovery certificate, you have to turn to the government platform Si-Dep via a link sent by SMS or email once the PCR or antigen test is positive. It is also possible to connect to this platform thanks to its FranceConnect identifiers, which allows access to various public services.

It is also possible to approach directly the professional who carried out the test, or the laboratory or the pharmacy, which can provide a paper version of the document. It has a QR Code that can be scanned in the TousAntiCovid application.

Is it valid abroad?

It all depends on the health policy applied in foreign countries. The United States, for example, considers that a complete vaccination schedule consists of two doses of vaccine (except for the Janssen vaccine), and does not recognize Covid infection as equivalent to one dose of vaccine.

It is therefore advisable to go to the portal France Diplomacy before each stay abroad to find out which documents are required in the country of destination.

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