Sunday, May 22

Emmanuel Macron: LREM supporters start towing when the president is not officially a candidate

Emmanuel Macron has still not formalized his candidacy and yet his campaign seems to have already begun. After the launch of a website and the sponsorship of several elected officials in its favour, its sympathizers are already beginning towing operations. This is the case in the Lille metropolis.

While the opposition is pushing Emmanuel Macron to finally announce his candidacy for the campaign to really start, Gabriel Attal estimated in an interview with Le Parisien that “the absence of debate is the fault of the declared candidates” who “set up a campaign of deaths -living”.

“Listening to them, everything was better yesterday and everything will be worse tomorrow. Where is the faith in the French? Our country is full of creativity and audacity. Emmanuel Macron brought our country into the era of conquests. When the health and international situation allows it, he will propose, I hope, to go even further for the future”, he insists, without advancing when the Head of State could descend into the ‘arena.

As for the project of the future candidate Macron, the spokesperson said, without further details: “in the post-Covid period, we want to continue to reinvent our productive model through investment, competitiveness, decarbonization. We also want to continue redefining our social contract, with duties that come before rights, from respect for authority to social benefits.

On Friday, several elected officials also announced on social networks that they have sent their sponsorship in favor of Emmanuel Macron to the Constitutional Council for the 2022 presidential election, although the President of the Republic has not yet officially announced that he was a candidate for re-election.

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