Sunday, May 22

Maelys case. In the car of Nordahl Lelandais, a stain of blood among a hundred traces

Even if a suspect thinks he has erased all evidence of his involvement, there is always something that escapes him, no matter how small. It is on the basis of this postulate that the judges and the investigators will focus on the Audi A3 of Nordahl Lelandais, whose trial opens this Monday in Grenoble.

During the first days of the investigation, the 30-year-old from Domessin, suspected by the gendarmes of having used his car for the kidnapping of Maëlys, proclaimed loud and clear that he had nothing to do with the girl’s disappearance during from his first custody. But at the same time, fourteen investigators from the criminal identification unit (CIC) of Isère, and from the IRCGN (Institute for criminal research of the National Gendarmerie) where the seized Audi is transported, go, during 48 time,…

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