Wednesday, May 18

Makeup: Here is the trendy color for spring/summer 2022

A fruity wind is blowing over the make-up trends for the spring-summer 2022 season. Whether it’s for the eyes, the mouth, or the complexion, this year, it’s peach that you have to bet on to be on top and in style. to impress.

This warm and luminous shade was on almost all faces during the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week shows. In addition to the fact that the peachy make-up is easy to wear day and night and brings an immediate healthy glow effect, it suitable for all skin tones, eye colors, and matches many looks.

You can bet on the eyes by playing on the nuances to illuminate the look, and intensify your makeup by adding mascara, a line of eyeliner, or even a train of brown pencil. You can also opt for a peach blush, more or less dark depending on the color of your skin, to warm up the complexion and redefine the cheekbones.

Others will prefer to dress their lips with a matte or shiny lipstick inspired by this fruit with its juicy and sweet flesh. Not to mention the nails. A varnish in peach tones offers a result that is both natural and sophisticated. This solar color is also ideal for blurring pigmentation spots, brown or bluish, on the face.

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