Thursday, May 19

Meteor over Eastern Norway Sunday night – was visible for five seconds

Did you see the meteor that came in over Eastern Norway on Sunday night? Then you were lucky. It lit up the dark sky for five poor seconds.

This is what it looked like from the camera of the Norwegian Astronomical Society at Voksenlia in Oslo.

Tor Aslesen, leader of the Norwegian Astronomical Society, tells Aftenposten. All three cameras that the company has captured what happened.

– We have registered something that went in a fairly accurate east-west direction and that went out over the sea approximately at Kragerø. It came in at an altitude of 1134 km, after 25 it went into resolution. It must have been quite powerful and was visible for about five seconds. It is relatively long to be a meteor.

The speed of Sunday’s meteor was about 11 kilometers per second, almost 40,000 kilometers per hour.

– For a meteor, it is relatively slow, says Aslesen.

The meteor started its journey towards Earth from a place in the astroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

– How common is this?

– It is relatively common, but it was a little bigger than usual, a kilo or something like that.

Aftenposten’s journalist Frode Sætran was one of those who saw the meteor.

– It came sparkling at wild speed. A bit of a sight, even the dog stood and stared, says Sætran.

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