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Must test negative on Monday – may end with crisis plan

Johann André Forfang (26) and Daniel-André Tande (28) are still testing positive for covid-19. This means that there can be a reduced Norwegian team in the first jumping exercise in the Olympics.

DON’T LET IT OFFICER: Daniel-André Tande tells VG that he is good at not spending any energy on something he can not do anything with.

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– The first day I have to test negative if I am to reach the qualification is Monday. I still hope for it, but if it does not work, it will not work, says Daniel-André Tande to VG.

On February 5, the men will jump qualification for the race on the normal hill the next day, and it is highly uncertain whether Tande and teammate Johann André Forfang will be in place in China for it.

National team coach Alexander Stöckl confirmed to Dagbladet Saturday night that the two will not join the plane that goes to China from Gardermoen on Monday, and to VG he tells that the two are still several days away from a possible departure.

He tells that it not is given that Norway will call in reserves to fill their place for the normal hill race on Sunday 6 February. Norway has a quota of five men’s jumpers in the squad for the Olympics and can have four athletes in each of the individual races.

LOOKING AHEAD: Alexander Stöckl hopes both Forfang and Tande will test negative in time to get to China before the normal hill race.
  • On February 7, a mixed team competition will be held, where two women and two men will jump for each nation.
  • In the big hill race on 12 February, Norway has four possible places, while the Norwegian team must consist of four jumpers for the team competition on 14 February.

Thus, the crisis solution can be that Norway only has three jumpers in the normal hill qualifier on 5 February, pending at least one of Tande and Forfang arriving in China in time for the big hill jump.

– At the moment we are there that we want to include the five that we have taken out, which we believe are the best we have. We hope to have at least four of the five, and will not initially bring in athletes, says Stöckl.

The national team coach states that they have five or six reserves that may be relevant, should the need arise.

Before leaving for China, four negative tests are required in five days.

With seven days left until the qualification for the normal hill race, time is short for the jumpers. At the same time, the CT curves point in the right direction, and 35 is the magic number that makes the coronation tests negative.

– I’m still optimistic. I had a nice test today that gave some hope, says Tande, and explains that Saturday’s test had a CT value of 34.3 – a solid jump up from previous tests. To get a negative coronate test, one depends on the CT value being over 35.

Stöckl believes that the current corona situation, with a sharp increase in infection rates due to the omicron variant, at the same time as several countries’ authorities are signaling that they will open up more, makes the situation for athletes very challenging.

– It is sad that there is the greatest focus on testing negative, and not on sports, he says.

NORWEGIAN UPS: Halvor Egner Granerud came second, while Marius Lindvik came third in Saturday’s race in Willingen. Sunday is the last individual race in the World Cup for both women and men on the same hill. – Now we have jumpers who have shown that they can jump up on the podium. It bodes well for Sunday and for Beijing, says Stöckl.

Both Forfang and Tande are out of quarantine and are currently training hard to be as well prepared as possible for the Olympics. Forfang says that they have been met with strange looks when they have asked the doctors to find out the CT values ​​on the corona samples.

– There is tile nailing and millimeter level on the CT values. These are strange things, he thinks.

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Forfang can be irritated by the strict regulations, given that the infectious omicron variant of the coronavirus seems to cause far less serious illness.

– If I had felt that I was quarantined for good reason, I should have settled down with it, but it feels completely useless. There is no point, he thinks.

– I really just try to train and stay in shape. The rest I can not do anything with, says Forfang.

OUT OF THE QUARANTINE: Last week, Johann André Forfang had to be admitted to an apartment hotel in Oslo after being infected by the coronavirus. The jumper is now out of quarantine and back in training.

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