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Presidential 2022: D-Day for the popular primary which delivers its verdict

Started on Thursday, the vote for the Popular Primary, a citizens’ initiative ballot launched more than a year ago aimed at nominating a candidate “capable of winning ecology and social justice in the presidential election” must deliver its verdict this Sunday, January 30.

A result at tea time. Because it is indeed this afternoon, at 5 p.m. sharp, during a press conference, that voters will know who of the seven candidates in the running (voluntary or not) will be designated.

In total, some 467,000 people registered. Last night the JDD specified, however, that at 10 a.m. on Saturday, a little less than half, around 215,000, had taken part in the ballot.

It is, as a reminder, a ballot by majority judgment in a single round. With one particularity, however. In detail, the activists did not have to choose a candidate.

Concretely, they had to decide on each of them by awarding them mentions. For example, to the question: “To win ecology and social justice, these candidates are?” The answers were to be chosen among the mentions: “Very good”, “Good”, “Fairly good”, “Passable”, or “Insufficient”.

The former Keeper of the Seals of François Hollande, Christiane Taubira, is a big favorite in this vote to which she has promised to comply.

His three main competitors, the Insoumis in chief Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the ecologist Yannick Jadot – who held a meeting yesterday in Lyon – and the socialist Anne Hidalgo, have claimed, in vain, that their names be withdrawn.

To these names are added those, less known to the general public, of the environmental activist Anna Agueb-Porterie, the associative activist Charlotte Marchandise and the European deputy Pierre Larrouturou.

A popular vote

In general, the result of this vote will not only be followed on the left, but by the whole of the political class.

The outcome seems to be as unpredictable as its consequences. In a left more than ever fractured, where no candidate exceeds, according to a latest OpinionWay poll for CNEWS published Thursday, the 9% of voting intentions, will the result favor a union or lead to more division?

The popular adage is that it is at the end of the ball that the musicians are paid, in other words, you know the consequences of your actions or those of others when you can draw a balance sheet.

The fact remains that in view of these fratricidal wars on the left and according to the various polls and opinion polls, it is rather the right, and especially Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche which, next April, could well pocket setting.

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