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Television. The mystery around Léa Petitgas, the disappeared of Nantes, soon elucidated?

The program “Appeal to witnesses” returns Monday, January 31 from 9:10 p.m. on M6. After two episodes, in June and September, which looked at several unsolved cases, three new disappearances will be discussed, including that of Léa Petitgas, in Nantes, at the end of 2017. You do not remember the case? Here is a reminder of the facts.

On December 14, 2017, Léa Petitgas, 20, left her apartment in Nantes around 8 a.m. to go to work. Her colleagues never saw her coming. It is not known if she got on the bus and then on the tram she was supposed to take, because the images from the CCTV cameras are only kept for two days, too short for the investigators who had not yet been informed of the disappearance.

No leads, no clues

The parents of Léa Petitgas, who are separated, were worried about not having heard from them, but thought that she would not be long in answering them. It was finally a friend of the young woman who alerted the police: she was supposed to find Léa that evening but could not reach her.

His apartment shows no trace of violence, everything is in its place. She only left with her phone and her computer. The residents of his street did not hear an altercation. “What is particularly surprising in this case is that it will truly vanish into the street,” says one of the police officers in charge of the investigation during the report that will be broadcast during the program.

Her phone, tracked by the police, stopped when she left home, then left no trace. His bank account was not used either. Is it possible that this is a voluntary disappearance? According to the testimonies of his relatives, nothing suggested a malaise. According to the friend with whom she spent the evening of December 13, everything was “normal” on the eve of her disappearance.

The testimonials of viewers will perhaps be an opportunity to revive leads. The physical description given in the alert broadcast in the days following the events indicates a woman measuring 1.47 m, slim, with long brown hair, dressed in a khaki jacket and a white cap.

Three other cases to be discussed tomorrow evening

As new research takes place, the program will also return to the Delphine Jubillar affair, the enigma that fascinates the whole of France.

The show will also look at the murder of Caroline Marcel in 2008 in Loiret. This 45-year-old mother had gone jogging one evening in June. His body was found in the Loiret river. If the track of sexual assault is considered, the truth about this tragedy has never been established.

The other “cold case” still in progress which will be explored by “Call for witnesses” dates from 2002. Jacky Hecquet, a 38-year-old mason living in Val d’Oise, had run after a man who was trying to steal his van to which was hung a plastering machine. The thief then braked suddenly, throwing Jacky Hecquet across the road. He was crushed to death by the vehicle. The culprit had fled and was never found, despite anonymous letters later received by the police and the family denouncing local residents.

If you think you have seen Léa Petitgas or have information that could help the investigation progress, you can call 0800 10 11 21, or send an email to [email protected]

“Call for witnesses”, presented by Nathalie Renoux and Julien Courbet, Monday January 31 from 9:10 p.m. live on M6.


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