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The best manga of January 2022

2022 has started with a bang for manga publishers who are welcoming a record-breaking 2021 year. And the novelties of this month of January testify to a great quality combined with a great diversity.

Oshi no Ko

So don’t be fooled by its cover, which suggests yet another “magical girl”, because Oshi no Ko plunges us into the heart of a more adult manga that denounces the failings of the star system. “Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you were born beautiful and surrounded by influential people?” Ask Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari from the first page of their manga. The tandem thus immerses us in the middle of the show and the famous Japanese idols. When a successful singer Aï Hoshino gives birth to twins, she is far from suspecting that her life will change a few years later when a fan kills her. From a happy childhood, the orphans of Aï will decide to go on the boards ten years later and, under the light of the spotlights, to implement their respective ambitions. The first two volumes of Oshi no Ko were published in January and we strongly recommend that you take them together, as the tension rises a notch between the two, the first laying the foundations of the story, the second entering the heart of the matter from subject.

Hosi no Ko, de Aka Akasaka et Mengo Yokoyari, éd. Kurokawa, tomes 1 et 2 disponibles.


New original creation from publisher Ki-oon, Leviathan should be closely followed by all fans of Alien and Blame!, since its author Shiro Kuroi offers an ambitious story, graphically at the crossroads of these works. The first volume plunges us into a class trip through space that turns tragic when the space cargo ship carrying the students is hit by what looks like a meteor shower. A disaster that leaves an entire class as the only survivor. Everyone’s existence is then in danger… Shiro Kuroi delivers an impressive work here and installs us in an agonizing camera in the heart of a spaceship which conceals dark secrets.

Leviathan, by Shiro Kuroi, ed. Ki-oon, volume 1 available.

Badass Cop & Dolphin

It is undoubtedly the most invigorating manga of this beginning of the year. Badass Cop & Dolphin, published by Kazé, is in our opinion the good surprise of the month if you are looking for a delirious manga. Author of Beelzebub (also at Kazé), Ryuhei Tamura delivers an impeccable drawing around a really incongruous scenario, since this one leads a cop with expeditious methods (in the genre Inspector Harry with Clint Eastwood) to team up with an anthropomorphic Dolphin . This new title, completed in Japan in five volumes, brings new blood to the comedy category. Badass Cop & Dolphin take up the principle of the buddy movie, with a shock and well-inspired tandem to make the law reign right to the edge of the beaches.

Badass Cop & Dolphin, by Ryuhei Tamura, ed. Kazé, volume 1 available.

v2 tank



No, you haven’t read everything by Leiji Matsumoto yet. The father of Harlock and Galaxy Express 999 was also inspired by the Mad Max of the 1980s with V2 Panzer originally released in 1987 in Japan. In this title, Leiji Matsumoto takes us to a post-apocalyptic world where an intrepid young woman, Savior Serazad, takes us on a deadly motorcycle race. A road trip that could set off in a hurry, but which actually takes time to establish its atmosphere, carried by the charming and deceptively ingenuous Savoir. A woman, guns and her motorcycle… This is what makes up the center of Leiji Matsumoto’s story, who here seems to take a certain pleasure in drawing beautiful mechanics. We find all the ingredients that make up the master’s humanist stories, with a few nods to his various works. Fans of Gun Frontier will particularly appreciate the western side of V2 Panzer which benefits from an excellent edition, with a reversible cover of the most beautiful effect.

V2 Panzer, by Leiji Matsumoto, ed. Kana, in a complete volume available.

Wonder 3

While Delcourt-Tonkam publishes volume 2 of Dororo this month in its prestige edition, Isan Manga offers something new in the inexhaustible collection of works by the great Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989). Wonder 3 (pronounced Wonder Three) is available in a deluxe edition that will publish the entire three-volume story this year. With this work of science fiction, Astro Boy’s father stages three extraterrestrials who have come to Earth to assess men whose behavior is causing harm to nature. But their severe mission will be softened by a young boy who brings hope. Always impeccable, the work of Isan Manga makes it possible to add to its collection a new unknown treasure in France.

W3, by Osamu Tezuka, ed. Isan Manga, volume 1 available.

Team Phoenix

Always to pay tribute to Osmau Tezuka, the Vega-Dupuis editions have chosen to produce an original work around his universe. Because Team Phoenix is ​​not drawn by a Japanese, but by the Spanish author Kenny Ruiz whose line works wonders. The story focuses on a war that pitted humanity against robots. After the triumph of the machines, humans deemed obsolete are coldly condemned to death, while those deemed still useful inherit a license to live. In order to combat the yoke of robots, humanity sees a group of heroes forming.

In our interview (available below), Kenny Ruiz told us to make a childhood dream come true by being able to draw his own story with the approval of Makoto Tezuka, Osamu’s son.

Team Phoenix, by Kenny Ruiz, ed. Vega-Dupuis, volume 1 available.



© by HAGIWARA Daisuke / Square Enix

In the shôjô register, the Nobi Nobi (Pika) editions are launching this month Horimiya, a series eagerly awaited in France by fans of the genre, while its anime version is available in France at Wakanim. Published in 2011 in Japan, this series which revolves around love tells with talent and a good dose of pep the relationship between high school students Hori and Miyamura. One seems boring and withdrawn, while the other seems antisocial and impulsive, but as they get to know each other they reveal very different personalities. If the first pages of the series could chill people thinking of discovering a scenario already told 100 times, Horimiya deserves our attention, as the duo of authors Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara slip in good ideas to revive interest. of the reader.

Horimiya, by Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara, ed. Nobi Nobi, volumes 1 and 2 available.

Of us there will only be ashes


© Akira Kasugai

A chilling and violent story, “Only ashes will remain of us” joins the publisher’s Big Kana (seinen) collection. Akira Kasugai, its author, depicts a particularly dark story where an assassin named Yû is ready to do anything to find the man who decimated his family. A desire for revenge that drives him to commit murders in cold blood, including by posing as a woman. Akira Kasugai also does an interesting job on the atmosphere of this manga which is not for the faint-hearted. Without doubt the thriller of the month.

Of us there will remain only ashes, by Akira Kasugai, ed. Kana, volume 1 available.



The publisher Meian arrives in 2022 with many new manga to enrich its catalog. Among the first notables, we retain From The Children Country. A breathless story in two volumes which is reminiscent, in its own way, of The School Carried away by the famous Kazuo Umezu. The story developed by Naoto Akiyama transposes us into a world where an earthquake changes the face of the world forever since only the children have survived, while the adults have turned into monsters. A story of survival that will confront teenagers in particular with harsh reality.

From The Children Country, de Naoto Akiyama, éd. Meian, tome 1 disponible.

The Eminence in Shadow

In the very fashionable register of Isekai (where the hero is transposed into a parallel world), Doki-Doki launched volumes 1 and 2 of The Eminence in Shadow at the beginning of January. We are interested here in a young man, very pretentious, named Cid, whose sweet dream is to become an eminence of the shadows, capable of influencing the course of events. But it is when he arrives in a world where he can start from scratch that he will then give himself body and soul to his plan to apply his methods and his lies. Problem, his ambition will have repercussions which will exceed him quickly. Humor and a main character who dreams of being a prince of Machiavelli give The Eminence in Shadow an interesting tone and ultimately pleasant to read.

The Eminence in Shadow, de Aizawa Daisuke et Sakano Anri, éd. Doki-Doki, tomes 1 et 2 disponibles.

Darling in the franxx


© by YABUKI Kentarô / Shûeisha

The excellent animated series Darling in The FranXX, which some may have already discovered on Crunchyroll, had a very good manga adaptation in Japan. Delcourt-Tonkam is therefore in charge of the translation of this manga where humanity must fight strange creatures with the help of giant robots, the FranXX. We inevitably think of Evangelion, Macross, Code Geass and Gundam, but this new manga inherits above all the pep and the originality of the original series.

Darling in The FranXX, by Kentarô Yabuki, ed. Delcourt-Tonkam, volume 1 available.


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