Thursday, May 26

Victory of Christiane Taubira in the popular primary: the reactions of politicians

After her victory in the popular primary on Sunday, Christiane Taubira pleaded for a “united and upright” left. His election reacted, especially on the left, leaving the idea of ​​a union difficult to envisage.

“Thank you for your trust,” chanted the winner of the primary in her campaign headquarters, in front of her activists. “We want a united left, we want a standing left, we have a beautiful road ahead of us, I am proud, I measure the weight of this confidence, we have no right to give up”. She also announced that she wanted to speak with the other left-wing candidates for the presidential election, in particular Yannick Jadot, Anne Hidalgo, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Fabien Roussel to try to create a union.

Pierre Larrouturou, who came in 4th position in the ballot, congratulated Christiane Taubira and said: “We have a few weeks left to bring together and win the climate, social justice and democracy in 2022.” Favorable to the progress of this popular primary, he pledged to support the winner.

An enthusiasm that is not necessarily shared by his colleagues on the left. Invited to 8 p.m. on TF1, Yannick Jadot briefly responded to Christiane Taubira’s victory. “It’s one more candidacy, I think it was exactly the opposite of what the popular primary wanted. I hope that now we will be able to campaign”, he simply declared.

Sandrine Rousseau, unsuccessful candidate for the environmental primary and president of Yannick Jadot’s political council, expressed her dismay at the result of this primary. “So … the situation on the left is getting complicated. #Fatigue”, she tweeted a few minutes after the announcement of the results. On social networks, she also proposed, not without irony, that François Hollande join the presidential race, the latter having maintained doubts about his potential candidacy. Sandrine Rousseau had already expressed her doubts as to the merits of a popular primary, while affirming that the union of the left was nevertheless essential.

On the right, the election of the former Keeper of the Seals sometimes arouses mockery. Florian Philippot, leader of the Patriots tweeted: “The thing organized by Taubira to crown Taubira crowned Taubira. Well, nobody cares about that.” The candidate for the presidential election thus underlines the fact that Christiane Taubira was the only strong candidate to have agreed to take part in the popular primary.

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