Tuesday, May 24

19 minus and strong wind

Tiril Eckhoff felt the biting Chinese cold.

Marte Olsbu Røiseland felt the biting cold in the Olympic arena in Zhangjiakou.

Cold and strong winds at the cross-country stadium in Zhangjiakou created skepticism among Swedish team leaders on Monday. Some athletes still chose to train on the Olympic tracks.

The Norwegian biathlon hopes Tiril Eckhoff and Marte Olsbu Røiseland were among those who tested the facilities at the arena even though it was minus 19 degrees and the wind was fresh on Monday.

According to several sources, the effective temperature was minus 30 degrees. The news agency TT writes that the team management in Swedish cross-country skiing advised the runners not to train, and that they instead recommended alternative training in the Olympic city.

William Poromaa, Swedish Olympic runner and girlfriend of the gold hope Frida Karlsson, defied the advice from the coaches.

– This is normal weather at home in Sweden. It does not bite me, he said after the training session.

– It is a very good, but tough trail, and it is difficult. I think it suits me very well, Poromaa added.

Tiril Eckhoff trained in minus 19 degrees.

The Swedes have been in the Olympics since Friday and get a solid charge for the first exercises compared to their Norwegian competitors.

The first Norwegian cross-country skiers land on Tuesday. Corona infection in the squad has created challenges in the run-up.

– For my part, it is good to be here for a few days before the competitions begin. I still think that Norway has laced up the bag quite well, and I think they are gira just to get here, says Poromaa.


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