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2022 Olympics: skeleton, bobsleigh, alpine skiing… which sport is faster?

Speed ​​sports are numerous at the Winter Olympics. It remains to be seen which is the fastest of them. Here is the ranking.

5 – Speed ​​Skating

We would tend to think that speed skating is one of the fastest winter sports. But not really. The short-track, impressive on the ice, reaches an average speed of 53 km/h. Note that the speed record in this discipline is held by Canadian Jeremy Wotherspoon (59.3 km/h in the 400m run).

4 – Skeleton

The little brother of bobsleigh and luge doesn’t do too badly in speed. The pilots, who set off face down with their heads forward, can reach a speed of 120 to 140 km/h. The record was set by Russian Alexander Tretyakov and German Sandro Stielicke at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver (146.4 km/h).

3 – Bobsleigh

The maximum speed of a downhill bobsleigh is almost 150 km/h. The record was set at the 2010 Olympics by a German quartet (Karl Angerer, Alex Mann, Andreas Bredau and Gregor Bermbach) with a top speed of 153.03 km/h.

2 – Luge

Among the three of the same family (with the skeleton and the bobsleigh), it is the luge that goes the fastest. While Manuel Pfister (Austria) had achieved a time of 154 km/h, the IOC set the maximum speed at 135 km/h following the death of Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili at the Vancouver Olympics.

1 – Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing, the queen discipline of the Winter Olympics, honors its status by being the fastest sport. And it’s the downhill that comes first ahead of the super-G, the giant slalom and the slalom. Note that it is a Frenchman, Johan Clarey, who holds the speed record, with a descent at 161.9 km / h in 2013.

Namely that Simone Origone was flashed at 254.958 km / h in speed skiing in 2016. But this discipline does not exist at the Winter Olympics.

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