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ADIE launches “Week to create your box” – Faxinfo

Because too many people who want to undertake give up their project, for lack of advice and funding, the association organizes everywhere in Saint-Martin, from January 31 to February 4, five days of free events to make entrepreneurship accessible for all.

The week to create your box

Although more and more Saint-Martinois are tempted by the creation of a business, many give up for lack of financial means and for fear of the complexity of the process.

To remove these obstacles, Adie organizes for a week:

• Face-to-face: free workshops throughout Saint-Martin to deliver key advice at each stage of its project, open days in its agencies, meetings to discuss with business creators supported by the association;

• Online: web conferences open to all to meet all the challenges of future business creators to guide them in carrying out their project.

Everyone can undertake

For more than 30 years, Adie has defended the idea that everyone, if they wish, can become an entrepreneur, if they have access to free support and microcredit. This is why this “creating a box week” aims to explain the stages of business creation and to deconstruct received ideas about entrepreneurship. Indeed, creating your business does not necessarily mean embarking on an adventure as complicated as it seems.

Because yes, it is possible to set up on your own as an independent, to choose autonomy, to give meaning to your work by aligning it with your values, your life priorities and your skills, without having a diploma. , capital or network.

In 2021, thanks to a microcredit and personalized support from Adie Saint-Martin, 164 people were able to create and develop their business and contribute, by offering local services, to revitalizing neighborhoods, towns and villages.

Programming / workshops and webinars:

Find the whole program online. Registration on www.adie.org/nos-ateliers/



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