Sunday, May 15

Akershus Ap goes a new round around Viken

The board of Akershus Labor Party has convened the local team representatives to a meeting on Tuesday to discuss their no to the dissolution of the large county Viken again.

It provoked strong reactions when the leadership of the Akershus Labor Party did not want to dissolve Viken. Now there will be new rounds.

Previously, the supervisory board of Akershus Labor Party has agreed to keep Viken, but since then several local teams have expressed that they want to dissolve it – as Østfold and Buskerud Labor Party have also advocated. At a board meeting this weekend, Akershus Ap decided to convene the representatives from the local teams for a new meeting.

– The decision made in the Supervisory Board is very clear that you want Viken. At the same time, many municipal parties in Akershus have made different decisions, so we want a new discussion in the supervisory board, says deputy leader Øystein Slette in Akershus Labor to NTB.

– We want to set foot in the ground and be completely confident that the supervisory board has made the decision they want, he says.

He says he does not want to predict whether Akershus Ap will thus change its position.

Tuesday’s meeting takes place digitally.

Unbound mandate

Viken Ap’s final decision will be made at a meeting on Saturday, where representatives from the three county teams Akershus, Østfold and Buskerud are scheduled to gather at Sundvolden. It is agreed that the 100 representatives who will attend Saturday’s meeting will have an unrestricted mandate, ie that they can vote freely.

On Monday evening, the cooperation committee in Viken Ap, which consists of the management of the three teams, met. These are just practical preparations, according to Delete.

– There will be no negotiation solution today, Slette told NTB ahead of the meeting.

After the meeting, Labor leader Martin Kolberg says NRK that they are planning a new meeting of the cooperation committee on Thursday.

– We have an intention that Viken will be dissolved. This is not a final decision. The reason for this is that we have respect for the fact that the Akershus Labor Party will have a new meeting tomorrow, he says.

To be decided in February

What the Viken Labor Party ultimately decides on will be decisive when the county council in Viken deals with the matter on 23 February. This is in line with what the government has advocated for the Hurdal platform

That Viken Ap can end up putting its foot down for a dissolution, has created anger at Ap’s government partner Sp. The leadership of the Akershus Labor Party includes ministers Anniken Huitfeldt and Tonje Brenna, who have faced accusations that they oppose their own government.

The government declaration Hurdalsplattformen states that a process will be initiated to restore Akershus, Buskerud and Østfold based on an application from the county council.

There has also been controversy about the distribution of votes at Saturday’s supervisory board meeting, and fears that Akershus Labor could overtake the other two county councils.

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