Sunday, May 22

Christiane Taubira mocked for spelling mistakes in tweets

Recent winner of the popular primary, Christiane Taubira is really starting her campaign for the presidential election of 2022. Her every move is therefore scrutinized, in everyday life as on social networks.

Thus, many Internet users have noted spelling errors in the explanatory visuals of his ideas shared on Twitter.

Posted on the account of “Young people with Taubira”, these tweets supposed to promote the main guiding ideas of the candidate’s future program contain gross spelling errors: excess accents, conjugation errors, and even non-existent words.

A lack of rigor highlighted by many observers, such as Eric Naulleau or CNEWS journalist Christine Kelly.

But that’s not all. In addition to the errors of her teams, the candidate herself fell into the trap of spelling by publishing on her personal account a visual including a fault of agreement. In this tweet, she affirms that “products from organic farming must be able to benefit from 0% VAT” with an agreement in the plural instead of the singular on the word “organic”.

Christiane Taubira will probably have to be more rigorous to try to obtain the popular union she has been demanding since her return to the forefront of the French political landscape.

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