Monday, May 23

Eric Zemmour: “Marion Maréchal will choose in conscience”

Guest of CNEWS this Monday, Eric Zemmour, presidential candidate, on the political future of Marion Maréchal who could rally him.

“Marion Maréchal will choose in conscience. Marine Le Pen and Marion Maréchal are not only an aunt and a niece, they are above all women politicians. They embody lines which we have known have been different for years. Marion Maréchal will define herself and express herself when she wants, as she wants,” he said.

“I’m thinking, no decision has been made, but if I support Éric (Zemmour), it’s not just to hang around and say hello,” Marion Maréchal said in an interview with Le Parisien on Thursday.

Asked the next day on CNEWS, Marine Le Pen, RN candidate for the presidential election, had deemed it “brutal, violent”, insisting on the “personal aspect” of their relationship and ensuring that she was “better placed” at the extreme right to win.

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