Wednesday, May 18

Examinations should be canceled for both primary and secondary school, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Education

The Directorate of Education recommends canceling both written and oral exams in primary and secondary education.

It emerges from one risk analysis as the directorate presented on Monday.

Both in 2020 and last year, all written and oral exams at these stages were canceled due to the corona pandemic. Now it can happen for the third time.

The Ministry of Education and Research will make the final decision.

Several have demanded that the exam be canceled, among them Oslo School Board Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV).

The cancellation does not apply to private students and candidates who must take an exam to pass the subject.

– The exam is an important part of the final assessment in Norway. Although there are many arguments for canceling the exam, there are also arguments for completing. This has therefore been a demanding assessment to make, says director of education Hege Nilssen in a press release.

The Directorate of Education believes that the pandemic has affected the quality of education to varying degrees in different parts of the country. Therefore, they have different bases for exams, it is said.

So this is a recommendation. It is the Ministry of Education that makes the final decision.

The Directorate recommends:

  • to cancel written and oral, oral-practical and practical exams for all students in primary and secondary education
  • to conduct exams for private students
  • to conduct exams for students who need exams to pass the subject
  • that diplomas are given based on the students’ point of view grades
  • to continue the regulatory changes for position assessment and exams that applied in the spring of 2021, also in the spring of 2022

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