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“I promise you”: season 2 of the French “This is us” begins tonight

The French adaptation of the American series “This is us” returns this Monday, January 31 at 9:10 p.m., with the first two episodes of a new season 2 which still promises a lot of emotion.

Take out the tissues, the Gallo couple (Camille Lou and Hugo Becker) and their three darling toddlers, two twins and a third child born the same day as they adopted at birth, are back on TF1. As in the original series, “I promise you” continues to follow the daily lives of the members of this sibling, adults today, while plunging back into their early youth with regular flashbacks to their past.

The series picks up exactly where it left off in season 1. “In 1998, nothing is going well between Florence and Paul”, announces TF1. After a strong argument, the couple decides to announce to the children that they are going to separate for a while. Nowadays, Michael is dumped by Maëlle, which makes him realize that the true love of his life is none other than Julie. For her part, Maud is still suffering because of her weight but regains her self-confidence thanks to Tanguy, and decides to follow in her mother’s footsteps by launching into song, while Mathis, relieved to have succeeded in resigning , is determined to become an impeccable foster dad.

Hugo Becker, Camille Lou, Marilou Berry, Guillaume Labbé, Narcisse Mame, Marc Riso, or even Léonie Simaga return to service in twelve new episodes which will notably reveal the circumstances of the death of the patriarch Paul (which, it should be noted, differ from that of its American version).

“We find Florence at different times in her life and in particular during the death of Paul (her companion, editor’s note), announced in season 1, confides Camille Lou about the mother she embodies. These new episodes recount this event and its consequences on the Gallo family. This dramatic outcome should touch many people who can find themselves in these trials of life but also through the love that unites this family. I hope this will give them the strength and the hope to get out of it, ”adds the actress.

“a mix of humor and emotion”

Like its model “This is us” (whose 6th and final season can be seen on MyCanal), “I promise you” plays the identification card to move its audience. To facilitate it, cultural adjustments were made in the French adaptation. And this season 2, on a soundtrack rich in variety made in France, will continue to anchor its story in France, this time with the backdrop of the second round Chirac-Le Pen in 2002.

“It’s a series representative of French culture, explains Marilou Berry. The adaptation is well constructed. The essence of the characters from the original series has been retained but their lives are embedded in our culture. I really like the idea, for example, that our characters were born on the day of the election of François Mitterrand because it is a very significant event. The authors have really enriched the series. There is also a humor, a shift, which is closer to reality.

For the actress, “I promise you” thus offers “a particularly delightful mixture of humor and emotion”. Back in the shoes of Maud, one of the Gallo family triplets, Marilou Berry – who is also co-directing these new episodes – announces a major development for her character.

“We find Maud in full preparation for her marriage to Tanguy as promised at the end of season 1. She seems happy and begins to assume to do what she loves: to sing. The words of her brother Michaël in the previous episodes wake her up and she seems more willing to afford the life she deserves. In this second season, she will take risks and get out of her comfort zone.

Among the new actors to make their arrival in this season 2, Charlie Bruneau (En Famille) plays Julie, the great love of Michaël (Guillaume Labbé), or even Sandy Afiuni embodies Rose, a teenager whose mother is in prison and who arrives at Mathis.

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