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Léa Petitgas: what do we know four years after her disappearance?

Léa Petitgas disappeared without a trace in Nantes, in December 2017, when she was 20 years old. For four years, the investigations have stalled. This Monday, January 31, the program “Call for witnesses” will be devoted in particular to this affair. Here’s what we know.

Since December 14, 2017, the young woman has never again given a sign of life. Léa Petitgas, 1m47, brunette with green eyes, never went to work and her phone stopped broadcasting. The latter stopped for the last time in the Cancieux district, where she lived.

The young woman left her apartment, as well as these two cats, taking her laptop. She was dressed in a khaki parka, jeans, a scarf and a white beanie. She also had to have white headphones around her neck. Despite the search notice published by the gendarmerie on social networks, no witness saw her. And the city’s CCTV cameras didn’t pick up any images of her that morning.

The day before, Léa Petitgas had spent the evening at home with a friend to draw, before he returned home around 11:30 p.m. This man is the last person to have seen her, but he has been completely cleared of all suspicion.

Voluntary disappearance, suicide or crime

Nothing is ruled out in the investigation but the mystery remains whole around the disappearance of Léa Petitgas. A judicial investigation for kidnapping and forcible confinement was opened in December 2017.

Today, three avenues are still under study, according to West France. First of all, there is that of the voluntary disappearance of the young woman, but also that of the family circle because she would have had tense relations with some of her relatives.

Finally, the last hypothesis advanced by the investigators is that of the bad meeting. A year ago, the police returned to the neighborhood where Léa Petitgas lived to question her neighbors again with the photo of François Vergniaud. The man is known to the authorities because he was arrested for the rape and murder of a Nantes high school student, Céleste, on August 20, 2020. He was also sentenced in 2005 to 18 years in prison for twelve rapes or attempted rapes in Vienna. Free since 2016, could the individual have also crossed paths with Léa Petitgas on December 14, 2017?

Léa’s parents are now counting a lot on the show by Julien Courbet and Nathalie Renoux which will be broadcast this evening on M6 to revive the case around the disappearance of their daughter. Police and gendarmes will also be on set to collect live testimonies.

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