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Maëlys case: “I promised my daughter that I would protect her from the bad guys and I did not do it”, confides Jennifer

The 38-year-old former military dog ​​handler is to be tried from January 31 before the Isère Assize Court for the murder preceded by the kidnapping and kidnapping of this 8-year-old child. He faces life imprisonment.

Nordahl Lelandais is on trial from January 31 for a murder that unleashed passions, that of little Maëlys, and for sexual assaults on other minors. The 38-year-old former soldier will be taken out of prison to appear before the Isère Assize Court for the “murder of Maëlys De Araujo, preceded by the kidnapping and sequestration” of this eight-year-old child killed in 2017, according to the arraignment order.

I promised my daughter that I would protect her from the bad guys

As this trial approaches, the relatives of little Maëlys confide. Jennifer Cleyet-Marrel, the girl’s mother, can’t wait for it to begin. “I would like him to tell the truth, to take responsibility for his actions. And above all a verdict commensurate with the suffering that Maëlys endured”, she declares.

Since the disappearance of her daughter, the young woman says she is consumed by guilt. “I promised my daughter that I would protect her from the bad guys and I didn’t. I broke my promise, and it sticks with me. Then the fact of not having watched her. It was a wedding, nobody watches all the children during a wedding, but hey… It will stay with me until the end of my life. I said sorry to him 1,000 times by the way, for all that“, she confides to BFMTV.

For his part, the father of the child, Joachim de Araujo, evokes a life gone to pieces. “It’s very hard, even today, more than four years later. If I’m doing all this, it’s for my daughter, to honor her memory. I know that she will always stay with me no matter what. “, he testifies to our colleagues from France Bleu.

Both say they are ready to face the alleged murderer of their child for nearly three weeks of hearing. “I can’t wait to be there because I would like to face this individual and honor the memory of Maëlys. And then, at the same time, I tell myself what’s the point? I expect nothing from this individual who says that It’s an accident. All lies! He speaks his truth, not THE truth”, esteem Joachim de Araujo.

We expect a lot from justice, that the sentence be exemplary

A sentiment shared by Maëlys’ aunt: “He’s a liar, a manipulator, a pervert … we don’t expect anything, he won’t say anything. He will say what suits him, as he has done until now (…) We expect a lot from the justice, let the punishment be exemplary, let him not come out and stay where he is, because he is dangerous.“, she had dropped on the set of TPMP.

After the disappearance of Maëlys, on the night of August 26 to 27, 2017, the search was intense. It took almost six months for Nordahl Lelandais, cornered by material evidence, to confess in February 2018 to beatings and “involuntary” death. Seven months later, the first reconstitution retraced his round trips on the evening of the wedding, from the village hall to the neighboring village where his parents lived and where he said he had temporarily concealed the body before returning to the wedding, then to the massif. de la Chartreuse where the remains of the girl were finally found.

In an interview given to Parisian, Jennifer Cleyet-Marrel talks about the painful ordeals her family has faced since the death of Maëlys. The mother of the family suffered two miscarriages. Then the couple divorced. “It drove us even further apart, it felt like we were only attracting death around us”, she tells our colleagues. “We said to ourselves that our life together made us even sadder, so we preferred to divorce, even if today we still keep in touch, we have exchanges”, reports Joachim de Araujo. Nurse at the hospital, Jennifer Cleyet-Marrel finally changed jobs to become a liberal nurse. “I had a hard time being confronted with death”, she explains.

The Maëlys affair has raised a huge wave of emotion in France. And the trial scheduled at the Grenoble courthouse should arouse even more media coverage than that of Chambéry. The duration of the hearings, over three weeks – from January 31 to February 18 – is much longer than is customary for this type of case. An extraordinary system has been put in place to accommodate the more than 160 accredited journalists.

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