Tuesday, May 17

New York Judicial Police: twelve years after its stop, the series returns with a 21st season

The NBC channel and its Peacock platform will begin broadcasting season 21 of the New York Police Judicial series (Law & Order) on February 24.

Twelve years after the end of the series, viewers will find actor Sam Waterson in his charismatic role of prosecutor Jack McCoy.

A video was unveiled to announce the return of this program which had been launched in September 1990 on the NBC channel, and which has since had many variations, among them “New York Special Unit”, “New York Criminal Section”, ” New York Court of Justice”, “London Judicial Police”, “Los Angeles Judicial Police” or, more recently, “New York Organized Crime”, derived from Special Unit, which saw Christopher Meloni reprise his role of Elliot Stabler.

“In the American penal system, the prosecution is represented by two distinct but equally important groups: the police, who investigate crimes, and the prosecutor, who prosecute criminals. Here are their stories»… Thus began each episode of «New York Police Judiciaire». As we do not change a winning formula, the series created by Dick Wolf will continue with this 21st season to follow “the police who investigate crimes and the prosecutors who prosecute the guilty”.

“It’s good to play the hero, as long as you win,” Waterston says in a short trailer that reveals new cast members: Oldelya Halevi, Jeffrey Donovan, Frank Cosgrove and Hugh Dancy.


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