Monday, May 23

Nordahl Lelandais acknowledges having “definitely killed” Maëlys and “apologies”

At the start of his trial, Nordahl Lelandais admitted having “definitely killed” Maëlys, before presenting his “apologies” to the girl’s family.

“I want to apologize to them, I did kill Maëlys, I didn’t want to kill him, I’m going to explain the facts during the hearing,” he said. the box while stifling sobs.

The queue formed very early this morning, in front of the Assize Court of Isère, in Grenoble. This Monday, January 31 marks the first day of the trial of Nordahl Lelandais, accused of having kidnapped and then killed Maëlys De Araujo, but also of having sexually assaulted two of his little cousins.

This affair, which had upset the country in the summer of 2017, gave rise to special preparations.

Exceptional logistical arrangements have been put in place in particular to cope with the expected strong media pressure. A second room has, for example, been opened to allow direct video transmission of the trial and security measures have been reinforced.

On Twitter, Noémie Schulz, police-justice journalist for CNEWS, explains that “more than 250 journalists” have been accredited to follow the hearing. She also points out that a large public was already crowding in front of the Isère Assize Court this morning, some having arrived on the spot from “4am”.

For days when the media is too crowded, a “draw” is planned. It will be used to determine which journalists can be admitted to the main courtroom. In addition, the jurors will be able to benefit from psychological assistance.

As during the trial of the attacks of November 13, the civil parties have the possibility of wearing a red cord around their neck if they do not wish to be approached by the media. This was the case for the family of Maëlys De Araujo this morning. Nordahl Lelandais, for his part, arrived at the courthouse around 8 a.m., transported directly from the Saint-Quentin-Fallavier prison center, about an hour away.

This first day should be mainly devoted to recalling the facts, with the reading of the report of the president of the court then, in the afternoon, to the hearing of witnesses including a personality investigator and the mother of the accused. . According to Noémie Schulz, the lawyer for the two little cousins ​​of Nordahl Lelandais, now aged 6 and 8, asked for a closed session for the Court to examine the facts of sexual assault. A request rejected by the president.

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