Monday, May 16

Paul Sugy’s editorial: “Roubaix: Ophélie Meunier under police protection”

In his editorial for this Monday, January 31, Paul Sugy, journalist at Le Figaro, discusses the police protection granted to journalist Ophélie Meunier, after the broadcast of the report on the situation in a district of Roubaix.

Since the broadcast of the report, the lawyer Amine Elbahi, who appears in several sequences, has received death threats. “My phone number circulated on social media, several murder calls were broadcast.

I am threatened with beheading, slitting, attacking me because I held a speech of truth with an uncovered face and in particular on the inaction of the mayor of my commune, ”said the enarque on BFM TV.

But it looks like it’s not the only one. Indeed, according to Nicolas de Tavernost, Ophélie Meunier, the presenter of “Forbidden Zone”, was the target of threatening messages requiring her placement under police protection. According to AFP, this is provided by the SDLP, a service specifically responsible for protecting personalities.

This is not a first…

No, we should also mention the story of this Muslim journalist who received death threats for having criticized the government’s anti-Islamic measures and the ban on the wearing of the veil in France.

Muslim journalist, Nadiya Lazzouni, has sparked widespread interest by opposing the headscarf ban during televised debates with conservative politicians. The journalist who criticizes the hostility of the French government towards Islam, has started to receive death threats.

Nadiya Lazzouni has arrested French President Emmanuel Macron, fearing for his safety. She shared a letter on social media including insults and death threats against her and called the situation “a real witch hunt against Muslims”.

Obviously, this will not contribute to restoring the image of these districts…

Nor, above all, do the business of those who on the far left of the political spectrum tried to put out the fire by explaining that the problem was elsewhere.

We had received, the day after the broadcast of the report, David Guiraud who explained to us that the real problem of Roubaix was social misery: the difference is that when you do reports on the impoverishment of the suburbs, you don’t is not placed under police protection after the broadcast of the program.

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