Monday, May 23

Presidential 2022. “She has no program”: Fabien Roussel will not join Christiane Taubira

The Communist Party candidate for the presidential election Fabien Roussel indicated on Monday that he would not join Christiane Taubira, who once again called for union after her victory in the popular Primary. “The ideas we defend are intended to be presented to the French, so I will not rally behind Christiane Taubira”, he said at the microphone of BFM TV and RMC.

The deputy from the North also stressed that “it has no program for the moment”, and that “69 days from the first round, it is a question, it is a subject”. “What are the ideas that she will defend? “, he questions, regretting that” this primary has chosen to vote on personalities, names, and not on a program “. He, who was not selected as a candidate by the device, on the contrary argued that he “marked (his) difference from the start by embodying a popular, social, republican left”.

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It is particularly on the question of nuclear power that Fabien Roussel, who wishes to build at least six new EPRs, stands out from the other competitors on the left. On this question, however, Christiane Taubira is also open to debate. On France Info, she recalls that she is not in favor of it “given the waste” and “this heritage that we leave to future generations”, but proposes the organization of a referendum to consult the French.

“One more candidate”

The fact remains that Fabien Roussel thus joins Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Anne Hidalgo and Yannick Jadot who have all opposed an end of inadmissibility to the solicitations of the former Keeper of the Seals. “She put on the shoe that was prepared for her, I’m not concerned, it’s their business”, reacted the candidate of La France insoumise Sunday evening on France 5, while the ecologist indicated earlier on TF1 have “nothing” to say to him. “It’s one more candidacy, exactly the opposite of what the popular primary wanted,” he said.

Three faces of Christiane Taubira, winner of the Popular Primary

She will be 70 on February 2: Christiane Taubira, Minister of Justice from 2012 to 2017 under the presidency of François Hollande, wins the Popular Primary for the 2022 presidential election. Writer and icon of diversity and equality, she was minister on a bicycle, minister for same-sex marriage, guardian of the memory of slavery… Read our article.

As for Anne Hidalgo, who comes out all the more weakened after coming fifth in the process, “no”, she does not feel committed to this result either. “It could have been a moment of gathering of the whole left, it’s one more candidacy”, she abounded on France 5. “I am one more candidate for those who consider that a process democracy is worth nothing at all”, retorts the interested party, while 392,000 citizens took part in the ballot.

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