Tuesday, May 24

Presidential 2022. The program of Christiane Taubira (Popular Primary)

Christiane Taubira is officially a presidential candidate. She won the Popular Primary on Sunday, January 31, a victory that she conditioned on her continuation in the race for the Elysée.

The former Keeper of the Seals of François Hollande’s five-year term (2012-2016) now wants to try to unite the left. Otherwise it will only add one more candidacy to those of its competitors: Yannick Jadot (ecologist), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI), Anne Hidalgo (PS), Fabien Roussel (PCF), etc. And so from the division to its political wing. A position for which she had been criticized in the 2002 presidential election: candidate of the Radical Left Party (PRG), she came thirteenth from the first, with 2.32% of the vote. The figure of the Socialist Party at the time, Lionel Jospin, also failed, with 16.18% of the vote, in favor of Jacques Chirac and Jean-Marie Le Pen in the second round.

Credited with 4 to 5% of the voting intentions, will it arrive this time at the union? Without that, will she be able to collect the 500 sponsorships before March 4? The step is high, but she is counting on her program to succeed in this tour de force.

Here are Christiane Taubira’s first proposals:


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